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Saturday, 22nd of March
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I went to clean up this shot only to find this moment my advisor and I decided to bully this guy.

the one of him hiding in bushes happened cause he called me an amateur. >:I He added those eyebrows thothotho. 

Friday, 21st of March

leaving this on the desktops of the thesis students.

just to let them know I care <3

Tuesday, 18th of March
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Tuesday, 18th of March

My duck model left as soon as i finished his color. I should have left him cab fare.

Monday, 17th of March

Scans from animal drawing class :D

Monday, 10th of March

i call this my “nicki minaj face”. i may be the only one who thinks thats funny.

Saturday, 1st of March


Friday, 28th of February
Thursday, 27th of February

I drew out all my friends from my job for a sign.
I love these people so much.

Thursday, 27th of February
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