I got to board/direct my first short at ADHD
Heather Ann Cambell wrote this bad boy!

hope you guys like it!

Monday, 21st of July

This….is probably my favorite thing I’ve designed in a while.

in case you guys missed it, ADHD posted the Captain America Statisitics video on youtube for the fourth of July:

Monday, 7th of July

Its been more than a month since i moved to California and I gotta say..
Its pretty chill.

Since graduation I’ve been spending my time at work, working on personal projects (update soon!), going to the beach and most importantly…


Monday, 7th of July

heres sarsler and I’s film Moonstruck

Hope you guys like it <3
thank you everyone who supported and helped us on this baby.
this was so much fun to work on.

Wednesday, 25th of June

this was suppose to be posted last week for gregorlives's birthday.
Ma wife and I finally merged into a hideous beast.

Happy birthday Tom!
now, eat the banana.

Monday, 16th of June

Got the sweetest care package from sarsler today. I have my own lyle and alien to have and love always

Saturday, 14th of June

Hey guys! Come see sarsler and I’s film Moonstruck at midsummer night toons festival! Its June 20th! gregordraws will be presenting his film Hog Hunt as well! It’ll be fun!!


(LE) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street) $5 / Door 
Doors 7 PM. Screening 8:30 PM
DJ sets by Pensatore
First 100 guests receive 1 HR Open Bar (from 7-8 PM)

unfortunately i wont be there since i relocated to Cali, but its been so much fun the years before.

Tuesday, 3rd of June

The Dustys are today, Graduation this week, I’m moving and start my job in 2 weeks or so.. Life is moving so fast. Im excited!

I’m moving on the 24th! Lets all hang out
Sunday, 11th of May

I made this for sarsler's birthday.
For the bestest friend/thesis partner/hetro-lifemate/partner-in-crime everrrrr

Wednesday, 30th of April



Some sneak peeks of Luz’s and my thesis film, Moonstruck. I can’t believe the year is over but it’s been so much fun and we’re both so happy with how our film turned out! 



Animation by Luz Batista

Backgrounds and production design by Sarah Sloyer

Original music by Amie Doherty

Additional effects animation by Lissi Leuterio

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t wait!!! i’ve actively avoided watching this film until the dustys

ahhhh guys! Here’s a sneak peek at Sarah and I’s thesis film. This was so much fun to work on. I can’t for every one to see it! Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the film
Wednesday, 23rd of April