howdy!  these guys are some of the designs I did for the short “Everyone is lonely”. Not everyone made it in but I did sneak some friends into the designs ;)

Tuesday, 30th of September

based on a true story.

Thursday, 11th of September


Birthday gifts for my awesome and super talented friends Sam and Luz

TOM THIS IS SO GREAT. Ohhh you darling

Sunday, 7th of September


HEY guys, today is my best friend johnnyoctopusart's birthday! Happy birthday LUZ. thanks for always catching me! 

I love mike patten. I’d Give you a kidney.

Saturday, 6th of September

its eggodiego's birthday.

I love this little shit.

Wednesday, 3rd of September

I think having siblings would’ve been pretty neat. 

Tuesday, 2nd of September


"Goodbye, Ghibli" animated tribute by Fox’s ADHD.
I agree with the lyrics “Don’t go Ghibli, don’t say goodbye”.

Wednesday, 27th of August

 My grave of the fireflies contribution.

Monday, 25th of August
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We made a new short honoring Ghibli:

Monday, 25th of August

Hey guys! the yoshi and mario short is up!
i had fun designing these guys <3

Monday, 18th of August